About Us

So it's customary to have a page where we talk about ourselves a bit. You know, what's our motivation; our journey; what are the things we love; why are we doing this; have we been committed, etc. 

These questions require longer pondering and we shall arrive at these decisions in due course. Because every question can have many answers...intellectually, spiritually, ecumenically, in what way is the question requiring an answer and other options. 

Just to be clear, no, we have not been committed and prefer not to be. We are a bit geekish with a slightly odd sense of humor. We love pop culture, art anything (mostly), interesting new gadgets and goodies (coming one day to the site). And we like poking the proverbial bear, it's good to shake things up a bit. 

We live in sunny (most of the time) Queensland in Australia (where you can fry an egg on your car bonnet in summer). We get out and about a lot, we like finding new and interesting places, it keeps the crazies at bay.

We like to find the fun in life and for us, that involves some ridiculousness and being a bit silly! 

And we like tee shirts, a lot.